Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I send back excess concrete?

Yes you can. This is tipped in our crushing yard and allowed to set. Once it has it is been crushed and set, we recycle this in our 6F material. We don’t charge you for returned concrete – most of our competitors do!

Can your company offer credit facilities?

Yes in certain circumstances. Contact us to arrange for our local representative to contact you.

How quickly does concrete set? (and what to do in hot/cold times)

This is very much temperature dependant. If its cold, the concrete set is slowed down (below 2 degrees centigrade it can stop!) and above 26 degrees it can go off very quickly indeed.

In our temperatures in the UK you will normally have 1.25 – 2.0 hours. However it’s always a good idea to get the concrete placed and finished as quickly as possible. When you have – protect the concrete. Try to protect against the concrete freezing – foam insulation – weighted around the edges. If it’s hot, try to stop the concrete drying too quickly – it will crack if it dries too fast. When hot, protect with a coloured plastic or boards – if you don’t have either mist water over the surface. It’s worth doing and the concrete will give you years of good service!

Is my mortar quality assured?

Yes. We CE mark our mortar and have it tested frequently. In July 2013 The Construction Products Directive comes into force. Any company selling construction products has to conform with the new legislation. For more information please view our Downloads & Accreditation page.

Do you produce render?

Yes we do. We have been told that our render is like putting “cream on a wall” (We can’t vouch for this because we prefer our cream with cake or strawberries!).

How big are your mortar tubs?

They hold 300 litres of mortar when we fill them (our competitor professes that theirs are 10% bigger – However we aim to beat their price by 12% if the contract is within our supply area.

How do I know what type of mortar to order?

If you are laying bricks or blocks below the damp proof course you will need to order Class 2 mortar. If above order Class 3. However if you have a specification always check this first.

How much does concrete weigh?

As a rule of thumb, concrete is approximately 2.4 tons per cubic metre. Therefore a 0.4m3 collect will weigh 960 kgs (0.96 tons). Please take this into account and ensure your vehicle is capable of carrying the weight.

How wide and how high are the delivery truck mixers?

Please check out our Vehicle Dimensions page. If you can’t find what you are looking for please call our office on 01472 355666 or email bookings@copesreadymix.co.uk and a member of staff will advise you with the correct dimensions. However as a rule of thumb your entrance must be at least 9 ½ feet wide to be able to get a concrete mixer into your site or property.

What is the minimum amount of mortar I can order?

You can order one tub or if you require and have a suitable vehicle, you can collect from our yard too.

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